6AG1141-5BG44-4CB1 Siemens

Part Number:6AG1141-5BG44-4CB1
PLCDigi NO:PLC-6AG1141-5BG44-4CB1
Description:SIPLUS IPC 427E Conti Bundle1 only for Continental with conformal coating, 0...+50 °C, SIPLUS IPC427E bundle for Conti consisting of: SIPLUS IPC427E and SIPLUS CP 5622PCI Express X1 card
Shipping:Worldwide by DHL and UPS
Warranty:12 Months
Return Type:Standard


Part Number 6AG1141-5BG44-4CB1
Brand Siemens
Lifecycle Active
Mounting Method Surface mounting
Input Frequency 240 Pixel
Wave Form on Battery 240 Pixel
Frequency on Battery Operation 240 Pixel
Typical Recharge Time 240 Pixel
Color 240 Pixel

Siemens 6AG1141-5BG44-4CB1 technical specifications, attributes, parameters.

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